Do Your Brick Walls Move?

Still Signature Homes, Inc is a general contractor that evaluates brick homes after hurricane damage in the Lake Charles, Louisiana region. We educate people about the damage to their homes from the storms.

Who We Are

Whether you are a brand new homeowner or have owned your home for decades, a hurricane can cause significant damage. At Still Signature Homes, our team can tell you if your wall moves even a small amount.

Insurance Claims

Has your insurance company underpaid, denied, or delayed your claim?

Time is running out with your insurance claim. This is why you need experts in brickwork and an understanding of how insurance claims work. Still Signature Homes Inc. has the ability to work with your insurance company and a legal claim management firm to protect your home quickly and efficiently when a natural disaster happens.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Efficiently evaluate and assess damagecaused by storms to brick homes
  • We use 3D virtual reality imaging and infrared imaging to forensically document loses
  • Help with insurance claims

Our Approach

At Still Signature Homes, we tell our clients about the damage to their homes. We take images to produce a 3D version of their home and create a budget sent to the insurance company.

Our Specialization

These Are The Catastrophes We Specialize In:

Still Signature Homes, Inc


Still Signature Homes, Inc


Still Signature Homes, Inc


Still Signature Homes, Inc


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